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SEA is now a Qualified System Provider in South Australia!!!

sonnet flat packages

Victoria - the envy of other states - solar/battery rebates coming soon & sonnenFlat available now

With sonnen’s fixed price energy package now available to Victorian households coupled with the government incentives and rebates, investing in a solar home system has never been more accessible than today!

Killarney Vale - 5 kW system

Expansion of Instant Asset Write-off for Commercial Solar

With the rising electricity prices and increasing environmental concerns. Switching to renewable energy is no longer just a conscious decision but a smart economic one. More businesses now have the opportunity to take advantage of the instant asset write-off thanks to the recent extension of the threshold.

Get to know Jason Harris, Warehouse Manager at Smart Energy Answers

What does a typical day look like for you at Smart Energy Answers? As a Warehouse Manager, I look after the incoming and outgoing stock for the entire business. My responsibility is to ensure installers have what they need to service our customers and that all information is documented accurately. I also liaise with contractors across Victoria, the Central Coast and rest of the East Coast as[...]

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If you are looking for the best in Solar: LG NeON® R – The Star Performer

Featuring an innovative design and a polished new look. The LG NeON® R is one of the top panels on the market in Australia. The LG NeON® R is the most advanced module in the LG range. Offering home and business owners a great solution to reduce your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

REC panels - Warranty

25 Year Product Warranty on REC panels from Smart Energy Answers, a REC Certified Partner With its world-class product quality and high performing panels, REC has continued to raise the bar in the industry by recently extending its product warranty.

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New solar and battery rebates announced - NSW

solar inverters

20kW Solar Power & Tesla Car Charger now installed at Smart Energy Answers!

Smart Energy Answers commits to raising the bar in the solar industry

Marston Living Retirement Village - 92.4kW Solar Power

Location: Beacon Hill - NSW Modules used: 336 x 275W Canadian Solar Inverters used: 28 x 3kW Fronius Primo Estimated Savings: $800,000 over 25 years

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Smart Home Solar Package. Limited offer for PowerPlay!

Check out the Sonnen 9.43 on-grid home battery systems

New Sonnen 9.43 available in Australia! Exclusive price at Smart Energy Answers.

Energy saving tips

With the cost of power continuing to rise in Australia, we need all the energy saving tips we can find to help cut down on these bills. If you have noticed that your power bills are getting out of control, it’s time to take a look at your usage and make some serious changes.

Grants for home battery installations in Adelaide

The long-awaited grants for home battery installations in Adelaide have finally seen the light of day. With the South Australian Liberal government announcing that its Home Battery Scheme is ready to go live. This includes; the installation of battery storage systems for 40,000 households in South Australia. All capable of participating in a virtual power plant to address network issues and[...]

What are the STCs - Small Scale Technology Certificates?

Under a federal government program introduced under the Renewable Energy Act 2000. The cost of purchasing a solar system for your home is subsidised up to a maximum dollar value. This is called STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates). However, the government says that this isn’t a rebate, it’s simply a reduction in the cost of buying a solar system.

A beginners guide to solar energy systems

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly strategy for creating renewable energy. Currently, approximately 25% of Australian households have a solar system installed. Generating their own electricity. Thus significantly reducing power bills.


Half price solar panels? Only if you live in Victoria!

The continuing rise in energy prices has led many Aussies to turn to solar energy for relief from their electricity bills. Not all homeowners, however have the ability to fund these type of installations. Leaving them in the grip of escalating electricity costs with no clear end in sight.

Solar Power Savings

the-the advantages of solar power

The Advantages of Solar Power

Solar Power in a Nut Shell Solar power is energy harnessed from the sun. The biggest source of free energy for our galaxy. The advantages of solar power are that once you install a system in your home, you will have the potential to create free energy for your home forever!